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IP-digi600/4 digital polarimeter

1. Performance characteristics:
1. measurement accuracy, speed and transmittance are comparable to international high-end.
2. 9.7 "color touch screen, friendly operating interface
3. can be operated by keyboard and mouse
4. conform to various measurement specifications and pharmacopoeia, data traceability
5. configuring Glan Thompson prism, the measurement is more stable and precise.
6. super large database, network data transmission;
7. can be customized for other wavelengths
8. LED cold light source, the service life is longer than 100000 hours.
9. instrument level 0.01 (with the permit of measuring instruments made in People's Republic of China).
Two. Technical parameters:
* measurement range (Xuan Guangdu): + 90 degrees
* measurement mode: optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sugar content;
* resolution (optical rotation): 0.001 degrees
* accuracy (optical rotation): + 0.004 degrees
* reproducibility (Xuan Guangdu): 0.001 degrees
* the measurable transmittance is as low as 0.01%
* response time: up to 5 / sec
* available wavelengths: marking 589.44nm
* prism: Glan Thompson prism
* temperature control mode: Semiconductor
* temperature control range: 10-50 degrees centigrade
* temperature accuracy: + 0.1 C
* temperature measurement range: 0-100 C
* temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 C
* light source: LED cold light source, the service life is longer than 100000 hours.
* sample pool: 200mm and the following specifications can be used
* communication interface: USB X4, which can connect to PC, keyboard, mouse, printer.
* database: 10G super large database, massive data storage space
* external calibration function of quartz tube: 1-10 point calibration (high accuracy polarimeter suggests using external calibration function).
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