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IP-digi300/1 digital polarimeter

1. Performance characteristics:
* overall improvement of technical indicators compared with analog polarimeter
* 8 "color touch screen, friendly operating interface
* provide external quartz tube calibration accessories Super A-Box (select accessories).
* conforms to a variety of measurement norms and pharmacopoeia, data traceability
* can be customized for other wavelengths
* instrument level 0.01 (with the permit for measuring instruments made in People's Republic of China).
Two. Technical parameters:
Measurement range: OR + 90 degrees Z + 259 degree Z
Resolution: OR degree 0.001 degree Z 0.003 degree Z
Accuracy: OR? + 0.01 degrees Z + 0.03 degree Z
Repeatability: OR degree 0.002 degree Z 0.006 degree Z
Measurement mode: general type: optical rotation, specific curl, concentration, sugar content.
The measurable transmittance is as low as 0.5%
Response time: up to 5 per second
Available wavelengths: marking 589.44 NM
Polarizer: imported polarizer
Temperature control mode: -
Temperature control range: -
Temperature control accuracy: -
Temperature measurement range: 0-100 C
Temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 C
Light source: LED cold light source, the service life is more than 100000 hours.
Sample pool: 200mm and the following specifications can be used
General type: 200mm ordinary standard tube X 1
100mm ordinary standard tube X 1
Communication interface: U disk read and write port, RS232
Database: 4000 sets of data
GLP measurement mode
Calibration function of user standard sample
Insmark mini printer
Single, multiple, continuous measurement methods, data statistical functions
Instrument grade: grade 0.01
Power supply: 220V + 22V, 50Hz + 1 Hz
Others: a variety of quartz tubes can be customized
Order number: 85000610
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