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Mastersizer2000 laser particle size analyzer

Crystallization of technology and experience
The Mastersizer 2000 diffraction laser particle sizer provides a practical and reliable solution for the measurement of the particle size of users from all walks of life.
The system driven by the operation rules (SOPS) in the table has become the industry standard of diffraction laser particle sizer.
Mastersizer 2000 contains a lot of professional technology and experience. It is the new contribution of Malvin company, which has the longest history in the field of Granularity Measurement, and is the crystallization of Malvin's enterprise culture oriented by the customer.
Complete method
Mastersizer 2000 is the first laser granulsimeter in the world to realize full automation control and SOP drive operation, which greatly reduces the user's involvement in the operation.
Simplification of measurement
Mastersizer 2000 has the friendliest user interface and can use all the system functions and numerous analysis functions through simple operation. Mastersizer software controls and manages all granularity measurements and data, and guides you to each stage by online help and advice.
Qualified performance
The quality control of cotton is the core of Malvin instrument operation. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, TickIT is qualified and allows customers to track software and design changes throughout. Of course, Mastersizer 2000 also meets the strict quality requirements and certification of modern industry.
Standardized measurement
ISO13320-1 is the first formal international standard for laser particle size analysis by diffraction and provides the right quality control standard. This standard provides recommendations for the expected capabilities and model requirements of the diffraction system, and also provides guidance for repeated measurements. In the Mastersizer 2000 system, coherent control measurements can be accomplished through a series of three parameter settings and SOP operational parameters. With the complete rice theory, suitable optical models can be selected no matter what particle size is measured. This ensures the establishment of testing methods that conform to ISO13320-1 guidance.
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