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Automatic high pressure sterilizer

The system has self checking function of safety state, and the lid can not be opened under power failure.
The self induction interlocking device with safe opening temperature and pressure can open the lid of the pot when the temperature of the sterilization chamber must be less than 60 C and the pressure of the cavity is zero. Otherwise, the locking mechanism will be locked automatically to prevent the improper operation of the steam and the steam burns and cauterization.
Overtemperature protection: high precision temperature sensor and overtemperature protection control system, to ensure that the temperature is abnormal, it can cut off the heating and alarm, and the mechanical overtemperature protector has dual overtemperature protection function.
Overpressure protection: high precision pressure sensor and overvoltage protection system, to ensure that the pressure is abnormal when the valve is unloaded and alarm, and the mechanical pressure safety valve has double overpressure protection function.
Protection against dry and dry water: during the sterilization process, when there is a lack of sterile water, the system will think that the heater is abnormal and automatically cut off the heater.
Self inspection system: can test the good or bad of the sensor, whether the circuit has short circuit or circuit breakage, whether the control board chip is damaged or not, and the fault code is displayed when the fault occurs to prompt the user.
Exhaust fog pollution: there are 2 sets of gas cylinders. The sterilized steam is ensured by two condensation to ensure zero discharge of steam, so that sterile steam can be directly discharged into the laboratory and pollute the environment.
The intelligent microcomputer control system not only realizes the automatic control of the sterilization process, but also ensures that the sterilization process is safer and more repeatable.
Four kinds of preset sterilization modes, respectively, for solid samples, liquid samples and agar.
Memory storage system: users can set their own sterilization parameters.
Saturated steam detection: the system automatically detects the cold air emissions, ensures the pure steam sterilization environment, and ensures the best sterilization effect.
Automatic exhaust control: full row, micro row, no row mode, to meet the sterilization requirements of various samples.
Timing start function: preset time program (1-99 hours), so that the sterilizer automatically starts sterilization according to the set time.
Interface control:
Boot automatically display the latest sterilization procedures, press START to start the work.
It has the state flow chart, that is, the current sterilization mode, the sterilization state, the sterilization program that has been completed, and the procedures to be processed.
It has a countdown function, and the rest of the time is clear.
The confirm key can query the specific parameters of the current program.
The first parts can be used:
Material temperature sensor, printing function.
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