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Read EndoRM 2235

New manual rotary slicer, super durable, high precision, comfortable to use.
The position of the rough wheel is closer to the operator and ergonomically designed. Use comfortably. The direction of rotation of the rough wheel can be clockwise and counterclockwise according to customer needs when ordering.
The E knife carrier has a red guard, covering the blade length to ensure safety. Protect the user effectively when slicing and changing the wax block.
The storage tray can be placed at the top or side of the slicing machine to facilitate the picking of common tools, and the cold box cooling wax blocks can also be stored at the top of the slicing machine.
The rotation of the handwheel is very smooth, and the patented spring principle balance system has replaced the traditional counterweight system. This person's sexual design makes the operation easier and reduces the fatigue of the users.
The safety handwheel has two independent locking systems. One hand hand wheel lock can lock the handwheel easily on the upper side, and second handwheel locks can lock the handwheel at any position.
The selection of accurate sample positioning system is optional.
A variety of sample clips can meet the needs of different samples, and the universal sample holder with single hand operation has the function of lateral movement to ensure that the whole length of the blade can be fully utilized.
The universal turret pedestal is suitable for all tool holders, steel knife holders, disposable blades, etc.
A large waste tank is fixed with magnetic force.
The shell material of the slicer is corrosion-resistant.
Slice thickness 1 - 60um, repair thickness 10um and 30um, horizontal injection 30mm, vertical distance 70mm, sample retraction 60um
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