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Frozen slicer CM 1950

CM1950 is the latest generation of clinical frozen slicer. Compared with the previous frozen slicer, CM1950 has extraordinary performance in the aspects of user security, slicing quality and workflow optimization. The low temperature UV disinfection technology of the patent technology can kill or inhibit most pathogens, such as SARS, HIV, hepatitis B and many other viruses. And disinfection operation is only one key control, can be opened or closed at any time. The box detector can detect the sliding window state. If the box is not in a closed state, the ultraviolet lamp can be automatically extinguished to prevent the damage to the personnel. The machine's panels and handrails are covered with proprietary silver ion coating, which is effective in inhibiting bacteria and further protecting the operator's safety.
The benefits of the main function to the patient:
Samples can be cooled rapidly to the most suitable temperature and shorten the time of slicing.
The optimized cooling effect not only improves the slicing speed but also improves the quality of chips.
Slicing waste disposal system can remove sliced chips simultaneously and prevent chip contamination.
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