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RV10 control type

The RV10 controlled rotary evaporator is the flagship model of the IKA new rotary evaporator. It has all the functions of RV10 basic type and all the advantages of the RV10 digital graphics, and it has been further improved in function. Like the RV10 digital display rotary evaporator, it can connect the computer to the laboratory software labworldsoft through the RS232 data interface to realize automatic control. In addition, the volume based automatic distillation can also be realized. According to the different application fields, automatic drying of samples can also be realized. The expanded solvent database function enables you to record and manage the new experimental process safely and reliably.
In addition to the RV10 phenotype, there are the following characteristics:
- built in vacuum controller, centralized display automatic distillation and curve.
Built in solvent database, users can increase their own data.
- specific distillation parameters can be stored for standard distillation
- one button can automatically transmit data such as measurement and distillation type, easy to operate.
Programmable control of distillation capacity
Automatic boiling point identification
- large screen color chart display, control safety and comfort
- display distillation curve
- Multilingual function
- automatically open the valve after the end of the experiment
- after the end of the experiment, the cooling water system is automatically closed
Internal cooling water monitoring system
- heating pot safety control: automatic monitoring of heating pot, automatically stop distillation when temperature is wrong.
After the test is finished, the heating pot automatically closes the heating function.
- USB interface, convenient to connect with the computer
型号 RV 10 控制型V, RV 10 控制型V-C
RV 10 控制型D, RV 10 控制型D-C
冷凝管类型 V=竖直型号,V-C=竖直镀防爆膜型号
冷凝面积 1,200 cm?
马达类型 无碳刷直流马达
马达额定输入功率 50 W
转速范围 20 -270 rpm
转速显示 数字显示
头部可调角度 0-45°
行程 140mm, 马达升降
最低点设置 60 mm
真空控制器 标配,内置
加热锅 HB10控制型
控温范围 室温(RT)-180 °C
加热功率 1,300W
控制器 微控制器
温度显示 数字显示
设置精度 1K
控温偏差 ±1K
室内真空系统电磁阀 RV 10.4001
实验室真空泵电磁阀 RV 10.4002
真空泵电源控制器及电磁阀 RV 10.4003
外观尺寸(不含玻璃组件)(W*D*H) 530*410*570 mm
RV10含倾斜玻璃冷凝组件(W*D*H) 890*410*670 mm
RV10含竖直玻璃冷凝组件(W*D*H) 680*410*990 mm
重量( 含加热锅不含玻璃组件) 21.5 kg
允许周边温度 5 -40 °C
保护等级(DIN EN 60529) IP 20


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