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RV10 number pattern

The IKA? R V 10 digital rotary evaporator inherits the basic type of high performance, high stability and versatile function, and the heating pot adds a high-precision digital display screen. The good data transmission between the heating pot and the rotary motor and the remote control through the computer ensure the repeatability of the experimental results.
The heating pot is equipped with an adjustable safety loop which can operate independently according to needs and can provide a safety shield as required.
- design is ergonomic, easy to operate and safe.
Motor lift (travel 140mm), with safety stop function. When the power supply is interrupted, the motor automatically elevates the evaporator to the above position of the heating pot.
- adjustable lifting terminal recognition function to effectively prevent glass components from breaking up.
- speed range: 20-270 rpm
- stationary start speed: 100 rpm
Digital display of motor speed
Intermittent left and right rotation for drying of powdered samples.
- electronic timing function for timing automatic operation
- the heating pot is moderate, and the heating speed is fast.
- rotating bottle removal device is easy to release the tightly coupled evaporator.
Digital display type water / oil bath heating pan with safety handle
Control the heating temperature of a heating pot by a micro controller
Digital display of heating temperature
Infrared interface for data transmission between heating pot and rotary motor.
- RS232 data interface is configured to connect computers to remote control by using lab software labworldsoft.
- using laboratory software labworldsoft, automatic control can be realized.
型号 RV 10 数显型V, RV 10 数显型V-C
RV 10 数显型D, RV 10 数显型D-C
冷凝管类型 V=竖直型号,V-C=竖直镀防爆膜型号
冷凝面积 1,200 cm?
马达类型 无碳刷直流马达
马达额定输入功率 50 W
转速范围 20 -270 rpm
转速显示 数字显示
头部可调角度 0 -45°
行程 140 mm, 马达升降
最低点设置 60 mm
真空控制器 选配件
加热锅 HB 10 数显型
控温范围 室温(RT) -180 °C
加热功率 1,300 W
控制器 微控制器
温度显示 数字显示
设置精度 1 K
控温偏差 ± 1 K
室内真空系统电磁阀 1)
实验室真空泵电磁阀 1)
真空泵电源控制器及电磁阀 1)
外观尺寸( 不含玻璃组件)(W*D*H) 530*410*570 mm
RV 10 含倾斜玻璃冷凝组件(W*D*H) 890*410*670 mm
RV 10 含竖直玻璃冷凝组件(W*D*H) 680*410*990 mm
重量( 含加热锅不含玻璃组件) 20 kg
允许周边温度 5 -40 °C
保护等级(DIN EN 60529) IP 20


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