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Magic LAB multi-function emulsifying and dispersing machine

Chemical products are usually made up of mixtures of many different raw materials, and the mixed dispersing system is often used to homogenate different substances. Magic LAB? It can be used as wet or fine grinding to emulsify, slurry, or suspend the powder, which is only a small example of the multifunction application of magic LAB. IKA? Provides a wide range of fluid handling functions, such as mixing, dispersing, and reducing particle size.
Magic LAB? Basic type is equipped with a single - level online dispersion module: ULTRA-TURRAX? (UTC module), at any time and place, when the UTC module is used in the traditional mixing industry, it can achieve the effect beyond your imagination. For example, for mixed fluids with poor stability, or the speed and acceleration of mixed fluids are very different. It doesn't matter, UTC can save 50% more time than traditional mixing equipment.
Using the different modules, magic LAB? Can be used more in batch processing, so it can bring you the greatest pleasure with the least expenditure and the most sophisticated configuration. You can also make flexible budgets to select the functions you need (depending on the rheological properties of your product, such as fluid composition or viscosity changes).
According to different applications, the processing units of magic LAB can be quickly configured into different working modules. And it takes only a small amount of time and operation. Operators in relevant laboratories do not need specialized training or specialized tools.
Characteristics of the instrument:
Stable overshoot from laboratory to industrial production can be achieved.
Magic LAB? - wide range of applications
- used for mixing, dispersing, wet grinding and dispersing powder materials into liquids in the laboratory.
- suitable for continuous operation, loop operation and batch processing
- the same approach to the implementation of R & D and the use of mass production
Continuous operation parameters can guarantee safe expansion of production
Standard expansion module
- all modules have the function of heating and cooling
- upgrades are simple and flexible
- the speed of the stator line is up to 40 m/s
- speed setting is flexible, control temperature magic LAB through magic LAB? Controller and operation panel (random standard configuration)? The basic module can be used for ULTRA-TURRAX? UTL (4M dispersed head) single level online dispersion system.
Random configuration (basic module):
The basic modules are on-line dispersion device ULTRA-TURRAX? UTL with 4M dispersion head, operation panel, controller, temperature detector, portable box
马达功率: 900W
速度范围: (40m/s)3,000rpm–26,000rpm
标准转速: 16,000rpm
电压: 220–240V
频率: 50–60Hz
最大处理压力: 2.5bar
线速度: 23m/s
流量(标准速度): 130l/h(H2O)
连续操作状态: 80°C
短时应用(最多18/min): 最高120°C
与介质接触部分材质: AISI316LAISI316Ti
密封材料: PTFE
轴密封圈: FPM
外观尺寸(W*D*H): 170*270*215mm
重量,基本模块: 7kg


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