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Infrared spectroscopy (IR, Fu Liye)

Diffuse reflection accessories can provide qualitative and quantitative information for powder samples or solid samples. For powder samples, the diffuse reflectance is more sensitive and sensitive tha
The Thermo Scientific NicoletTM iSTM10 FT-IR spectrometer has the following characteristics: to identify the performance of the instrument, to test the quality of the material, to create the SOP proce
Antaris Fu Liye near infrared spectrometer based on the same platform: Excellent model transfer capability: to ensure high repetition of hardware performance indicators and minimize system error throu
Nicolet iS5 Fu Liye transform infrared spectrometer Excellent performance Small size Flexible sampling method Outstanding performance price ratio Unique optical system Sealed dry optical design prote
The new and modified TENSOR series infrared spectrometer set the 30 year infrared spectral R & D, production experience and the latest development of science and technology, combining high performance
The Nicolet iN10 series Fu Liye transform infrared spectrometer is an innovative technology which was launched in 2009 by SEER world technology and won the world famous R&D 100 award in 2009. The Nico
Nicolet iS50 infrared spectrometer is a new product with high intelligence and modularization. It has a breakthrough optical and electronic design and an automatic optical system with various detectio
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