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Isotopes product

Isotopes product

The FH40G Series Portable radiometric instrument has a variety of different uses of alpha, beta, gamma, X and neutron comprehensive measurement function, combined with a complete variety of external i
The thickness gauges for company maintenance mainly include: QNT-2, QNT-4, QNT-4X, OWT1011, OWT1021, OWT1031 and other series thickness gauge.
According to the requirements of the state laws and regulations, the production, sale and use of radioisotopes shall be subject to the corresponding radiation safety licenses. Our company handles vari
Our company is working with a number of authoritative environmental testing units in Zhejiang province to handle all kinds of environmental inspection procedures.
The state law stipulates that all radiation workers should receive personal dose monitoring. For example, in the Department of Radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy,
According to the requirements of the environmental protectiodepartment, units using class I, class II, and class III radioactive sources should returned to the production unit or return to the or
The company has obtained the radiation safety license issued by the Zhejiang provincial environmental protection office. The certificate number is [A0135] of Zhejiang ring radiator, which has been app
YG-192 flaw detector is a gamma ray flaw detector using Ir-192 radiation source. It is widely used in nondestructive testing of machinery, metallurgy,
YG-192C flaw detector is developed by our company for inspection of tube sheet welds. The product has the advantages of compact size, simple operation, safety and reliability. It is suitable for vario
The Ir-192 flaw detector is a gamma ray flaw detector adopting S channel, which is more convenient to operate, safer to use and more reliable to protect. It is widely used in nondestructive testing of
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