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2720 PCR amplification instrument

The latest achievements from PCR technology leaders
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology has been developed for twenty years and is considered to be one of the most important achievements in the field of life sciences. Today, PCR technology has become an indispensable part of life science research laboratory.
Throughout the development of PCR technology, Applied Biosystems (ABI) has always been in the leading position in the development of PCR technology, and has the world's most extensive PCR users. The PCR instrument of ABI has enjoyed a great reputation in the world life science with its excellent performance, reliable quality, and extremely durable.
The personalized 2720 type PCR instrument is the latest model PCR introduced by ABI company in September 2004. The performance price ratio is extremely superior, and it is an ideal instrument for many PCR applications. He represents the highest achievement of ABI company in the field of hot cycle technology for many years.
With the excellent quality assurance of ABI company
The 2720 type PCR instrument is stable and reliable, and can meet the expectations of customers worldwide for ABI thermal cycle instrument. In 2720 of the instruments, many 9700 features are integrated to ensure its performance and reliability, while 2720 is more favorable.
Powerful software
The user interface of type 2720 PCR is similar to type 9700, with friendly interface and simple operation. The new user will soon be skilled in the operation of the instrument. In addition to the standard software program, the 2720 type PCR instrument can calculate the Tm value to determine the annealing rate of primers. In the case of power failure, the machine can still retain these experimental data.
Greatly save laboratory space
In view of the long strip test rig in most laboratories, the 2720PCR instrument designed by ABI was very small and integrated the heating and cooling semiconductor devices in a place of only 20*36cm. And 2720 of the exhaust heat dissipation device is designed behind the instrument. This allows several PCR instruments to be placed side by side on a strip test stand.
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