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9700 PCR amplification instrument

The versatile and easy to use 9700 PCR system gives you a wide range of recognised performance and the reliability of the earlier generation of Applied Biosystems 9600 and 2400 GeneAmp, and is fully compatible with the methods developed on these systems. However, the design of the 9700 system module brings you the multifunctionality and ease of use of the updated standard.
The interchangeable samples are heated quickly so that you can quickly change the flux and reaction volume to match your application. The visual graphical user interface which integrates various programming features and real-time display makes the process of setting the experiment more quick and simple. The fine workmanship of sample heating blocks and Applied Biosystems MicroAmp consumables ensure the best thermal reaction performance and repeatability. You can add network functions and data management functions to confirm options, such as temperature check response boards and automatic changeover system.
Value for money
Leading the industry's reliability and excellent performance, the price your lab can bear.
Interchangeable sample heating block
Modular design, easy to replace sample heating block allows you to configure yourself a system that perfectly meets your current and future research needs.
Excellent thermal cycling performance
Accurate and uniform heating and cooling ensures superior repeatability and best quality results.
Simple and intuitive setup and operation
Software is powerful, even for new operators, learning and using is also very simple.
Small size
Compact design can save valuable experimental space
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