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Veriti 96- hole thermal circulator

Multi temperature control area is convenient for PCR optimization
Innovative VeriFlexTM heating block
Six heavy temperature region for PCR optimization
Ideal fast and standard PCR
Standard and fast cycle mode to meet your current and future PCR requirements.
The performance is reliable as you wish
Applied Biosystems provides global technical support
Including a comprehensive solution for consumables, reagents and instruments.
The operation process is extremely simple
Easy graphics interface (6.5inch VGA touch screen)
Fast experiment file setting
Facilitate the transfer of experimental documents through the U disk
Applied Biosystems VeritiTM thermal cycle instrument, a new way to realize PCR
VeritiTM heating block: lifting PCR function
The innovative VeriFlexTM heating block enhances the PCR function for the VeriFlexTM96- hole thermal cycle instrument. Six independent Peltier heating blocks maximize the versatile and flexibility of PCR with two major advantages:
1.PCR Optimization: each heating block can set up a specific temperature value independently and achieve precise temperature control in the PCR optimization process.
2. running more experiments: Six Peltier heating blocks can run up to 6 different annealing temperatures at the same time. This enhanced function makes the VeriFlexTM96- hole thermal cycle instrument based on VeriFlexTM heating block ideal for any laboratory.
VeriFlexTM heating block: a new approach to temperature gradient
The VeriFlexTM heating block on the VeriFlexTM thermal cycle instrument provides a new way for PCR optimization to outperform the temperature gradient. Six independent Peltier heating blocks for accurate temperature control of your PCR optimization process.
1. use the panel Tm value calculator to find the best annealing temperature.
2. run up to six independent temperatures on the same reaction plate to determine the optimum annealing temperature.
Thermal characteristics between 3.VeriFlexTM heating block maintenance optimization and isothermal conditions remove the subsequent optimization steps.
VeriFlexTM heating block: not just PCR optimization
The VeriFlexTM heating block is superior to the temperature gradient thermo circulator. Since the Peltier heating blocks are independent, the same experimental file steps can run up to six different temperatures.
1. at the same time, there are up to six different reactions at different annealing temperatures.
2. at the same time at six different temperatures to warm up samples
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