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7300 real time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

The 7300 type real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR is an integrated platform for specific target gene detection and quantification. 7300 combining the PCR thermal cycle, fluorescence detection and various application analysis software, we can dynamically observe the gradual increase of PCR amplification products. At the end of the PCR experiment, the quantitative results can be obtained immediately without gel electrophoresis analysis without the need to purify the PCR product without any experimental operation.
The 7300 type real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR system adopts 96 hole reaction plate or single tube and 8 tubes. The reaction volume is 20-100 micro rise, and the experiment can be finished in less than 2 hours. Compared with other methods of quantitative analysis of artificial genes, such as Northern blotting or RNase-protection assys, the 7300 type real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR system has the advantages of time saving, high sensitivity, good accuracy and wide linear range. The 7300 type real time fluorescent quantitative PCR system is produced by the United States application Bio System Inc, the leader of global real-time quantitative PCR technology. Its quality is excellent, the result of the experiment is accurate and reliable, and the performance price ratio is extremely superior.
Simultaneous detection of four color fluorescence, supporting various application needs, including: gene expression analysis, pathogen quantification, SNP genotyping, and positive / negative results in tube positive control
Strong and flexible software including guidance on reaction plate setup
More advanced experimental results show that the analysis and processing of experimental data are simpler and more intuitive with automated analysis tools.
Accurate optical path design and CCD imaging and advanced multi component fluorescence automatic analysis and correction software make the experimental results more accurate and reliable, and the reproducibility of the experimental results is better.
The latest semiconductor thermal cycling system supports 96 orifice plates and a single 0.2ml reaction tube. Small size, easy to use, suitable for any space laboratory.
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