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7500 real time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

Design for performance
The powerful five color platform has corrected the most widely selectable fuels in the system: FAMTM/SYBR Green I, VIC/JOETM, NEDTM/TAMRATM/Cy3TM, ROXTM/Texas Red, and Cy5TM fuel
Unique optical system, which can simply and accurately calibrate new fuels without additional purchase of new filters.
Advanced multicomponent algorithm can reduce the interference between spectra - providing better multiple analysis results.
User interface friendly software, including sample board setting wizard, multiple sample board data at the same time, and advanced analysis tools, making data processing more simple and intuitive.
The thermal circulation heating block is located inside the instrument to reduce the possible environmental pollution caused by the surrounding environment.
Five color fluorescence can be detected simultaneously to support a variety of real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR applications, including: absolute quantitative, relative quantitative, allelic based classification, and Yin and Yang identification, etc.
Users can choose to use ROX to calibrate experimental errors to ensure that the results are more accurate and reliable.
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