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StepOnePlus real time PCR amplification instrument

Excellent features of StepOnePlusTM real time PCR amplification instrument
The StepOnePiusTM system makes the advanced technology of real-time PCR easy to use, even for the first time users can quickly use it freely. This system detects the amplification data of each cycle, and can accurately and quantitatively detect the exponential growth period of PCR. In the main interface of the system software, you can fluently browse the various aspects of the real-time PCR method, including the sample and reaction setting, thermal cycle and fluorescence detection. Special application software can analyze and explain the experimental results. According to different experimental designs, the software can also help you choose the real-time PCR reaction reagent (optional) by providing the network link address. The system can distinguish 2 times of template differences, with a confidence level of 99.7% and a dynamic range of 9 log. The system has high sensitivity and can detect 10 copies of RNaseP. in a 30 L reaction system.
Easy to use Expermental Design Wizard
The Expermental Design Wizard, which is equipped with the StepOnePiusTM real-time PCR amplification instrument, can help you set up your first real-time PCR experiment. You just click on the design wizard and then answer some questions about the real-time PCR experiment you want to do. The design wizard will guide you to select suitable quantitative methods, chemical reagents, temperature rise rate and type of template. Starting from the location of the standard product on the sample board, the design wizard will guide you through the whole process, including the calculation of reactive premix and standard dilution.
The main features of StepOnePlusTM
For the first time operator and experienced researcher, StepOnePlusTM can meet the needs of research.
The cost-effective four-color /96 hole system can provide high-precision real-time quantitative PCR results.
Based on the long life LED optical system, FAMTM/SYBR? Green I, VIC? /JOETM, ROXTM and NED/TAMRATM fuel can be detected for gene expression analysis, pathogen quantitative detection, SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) genotyping, and negative / positive analysis.
The standard mode and fast mode PCR reaction can be carried out. The fast mode can complete the PCR reaction in 40 minutes, extremely compact instrument design, suitable for any size laboratory environment.
LCD touch screen and support USB storage, make the system configuration more flexible, and can achieve no PC operation.
Convenient remote monitoring and e-mail notification function can save valuable time.
It has a unique eVeriFlexTM heating block with six Peltiter heating blocks that can be independently controlled, which greatly improves the function of the system and the accuracy of temperature control.
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