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Viia7 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument

High yield fluorescence quantitative PCR New Era
The ViiaTM 7 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument has been tested by Applied Biosystems for reliability, sensitivity and accuracy, and has a new instrument performance designed for high yield fluorescence quantitative PCR. Summarizing the design experience of the six generation real-time quantitative PCR instrument of the previous gold standard Applied Biosystems, ViiaTM 7 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR allows you to easily obtain the high quality results required.
Fast, high flux. The TaqMan microfluidic chip can run hundreds of quantitative PCR reactions on the ViiaTM 7 system at the same time. The fully integrated process speeds up your process of getting results.
It is easy to operate. The ViiaTM 7 system is intuitive software, a simple touch screen setting, an integrated automatic robotic arm sampling device, and a convenient replacement mode for hot circulation modules. All designs are designed to allow you to start work immediately.
The result is reliable. The difference among holes, the difference among batches, and the difference among instruments were the lowest. The enhanced fluorescence detection of the OptiFlexTM system provides 6 exciting filters and 6 emission filters, which have higher multiple analytical flexibility, higher resolution, and more accurate data.
Module flexibility. It can easily replace the thermal cycle module to facilitate you to select the most suitable thermal cycle module for research projects. You can choose the standard 96 hole, fast 96 hole and 384 hole form, and the novel 384 hole TaqMan microfluidic chip module.
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