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XP analysis balance

Product characteristics
High resolution and high resolution sensor
Built in RS232 communication interface and second interface option slot.
The output of the weighing result conforming to the GxP specification
Rich in built in weighing applications: basic weighing, statistical function, density measurement, differential weighing, etc.
E-Load II software to realize real-time update of balance software.
Transcendental series XS balance
Touch screen (TouchScreen)
High precision and high resolution post sensor is used to meet the high precision weighing requirement of users.
The balance check function (BalanceCheck) automatically prompts users to use external weight correction / calibration scales to ensure that the weighing results are always accurate.
Optimizing the weighing parameter settings of the scales to meet the requirements of different weighing environments.
Completely removable, clean glass windshield design to achieve quick cleaning of scales.
Rich in built in weighing applications: basic weighing, statistical function, formula weighing, pieceweight weighing, percentage weighing, density measurement, differential weighing.
Readability Model Capacity Correction technique
0.01mg XP205 220g proFACT
0.01mg/0.1mg XP105DR 31g/120g proFACT
XP205DR 81g/220g proFACT
0.1mg XP204 220g proFACT
XP504 520g proFACT
0.1mg/1mg XP504DR 101g/520g proFACT

DR= variable range; DU= dual range


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