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Drug stability test box

The 1. air duct structure of the drug adopts the concept of annular air flow design, forcing convection to simulate the principle of air circulation. The specially designed high power air circulation wind blade can produce very high air velocity, make the temperature and humidity more uniform, and the humidity can be accurately controlled within the range of 20% to 98%. The effective and stable test results can be achieved.
2. touch screen uses super large touch screen to configure intelligent operation system; 32 bit high-performance processor makes operation simple and humanized.
3. high precision electronic temperature sensor is used for absolute precision humidity measurement, electronic control humidification and dehumidification system. The ROTRONIC electronic humidity sensor can ensure reliable humidity detection even if the sample is changed frequently, without the need to maintain the sensor.
4. the innovative refrigeration system adopts international brand refrigeration compressors and German EBM condenser fans, and environment-friendly fluorine free 134a refrigerants are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, accurate and effective.
5. the lighting effect is based on a light design concept to better achieve real and real-time optical stability tests of the active substances.
6. test hole box around each set special mold production 45mm diameter test hole, convenient user monitoring. The internal silicone rubber plug is arranged to ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the box will not be affected during the experiment.
The special interface of 7.RS232 interface PC machine, a special software CD-ROM (suitable for simplified Chinese Windows 2000 or simplified Chinese Windows XP operating system), the test program is compiled and monitored and saved by the special software of PC machine. The test data can be displayed and printed directly through the special software of PC.
Application: the drug stability test box is used in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, the food industry and other industries, the electronics industry and all the related industries including life science.
This product box adopts imported CNC machine tools, laser processing technology, the outer box adopts high quality cold rolled plate, and the inner container adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate.
The 45mm diameter measuring hole is set up on the left and right sides of the box, which is convenient for users to test.
Enclosure heat insulation material adopts Germany Bayer fluorine free polyurethane integral foaming technology, which greatly improves the thermal insulation performance, thereby greatly reducing energy consumption. Compared with similar products, it can save more than 30%, and the overall strength of the box is good.
Reasonable air duct structure adopts balanced control mode. The imported special motor and fan blade make the temperature and humidity distribution more uniform, which greatly improves the accuracy of the box and the uniformity of temperature and humidity.
Adopt international brand refrigeration compressor and German EBM condensing fan. Environmentally friendly fluorine free 134a refrigerant is in line with the trend of the world.
Adopt super large touch screen, configure intelligent operation system, 32 bit high-performance processor, make operation simple and program edit easy.
Program control temperature and humidity control, fuzzy microcomputer PID control. Temperature priority, time priority, users can choose.
The bottom casters are imported from Japan, the direction is free and adjustable, and can be locked. The outer box is processed by DuPont powder spray.
The temperature sensor PT100 selects Honeywell products. The humidity sensor is selected from the original Swiss rosenk capacitance sensor.
It has over temperature protection function, leakage protection, door opening alarm, power failure alarm, sensor alarm and so on. It can greatly improve the security of the use. At the same time, it has automatic start, automatic stop, timing operation, clock display, caller self recovery function.
It has R-232 communication interface, USB storage and GPRS remote control alarm function.
With automatic defrosting and manual defrosting two functions for the user to choose, more suitable for the long-term test, relieving the users in the use of severe frosting and cause temperature and humidity drift.


产品名称 MT-150B MT-250B MT-450B MT-750B
对流方式 强制对流方式
控制方式 平衡式
控温范围 无光照-10℃-80℃ 有光照10℃-80℃
控湿范围 20-95%RH
温度分瓣率 0.1
温控波动度 ±0.1℃
温度均匀度 ±1.0℃(65℃时)
湿度波动度 ±1.5%以内(65℃时)
工作环境温度 5℃-35℃
光照强度 0-6000LX 五级可调
照度误差 ≤±300LX
保温材料 聚氨酯整体发泡
程序控制 模糊逻辑PID控制方式普通运行模式/程序运行模式
外形尺寸(mm) W665*D733*H1300 W765*D733*H1490 W935*D835*H1787 W1435*D835*H1828
内胆尺寸(mm)    W540*D400*H700 W640*D440*H890 W750*D500*H1200 W1250*D500*H1200
产品重量 约114.5kg 约137kg 约217kg  约268kg 
有效体积 151L 250L 450L 750L
加热加湿总功率 1450W 2000W  2500W  3000W
制冷功率 245W.R134a 270W.R134a  580W(-23.3度时) 880W(-23.3度时)
供水容量 内部:10升 外部:25升
电源电压 AC-220V 50/60HZ
托盘(标配) 三层 三层 四层 四层


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