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AA series spectrometer

Family solutions for atomic absorption products
Agilent AA series is highly efficient, easy to use and extremely reliable. This series of products has high performance which is suitable for any analysis and is also suitable for routine laboratories that attach importance to reliability and ease of use.
The Agilent 140 and 240 AA series combines flexibility with the reliability of hardware to provide a high performance, cost-effective, high-performance flame / graphite furnace / hydride analysis AA product for users.
Agilent 240FS/280FS AA is today's fastest and most efficient flame atomic absorption system. They have patented rapid sequence analysis technology, which doubles the sample flux and greatly reduces operation costs. They can easily carry out multi-element analysis, and are ideal for food, agriculture or any high-throughput laboratory.
Agilent 240 and 280 AA Zeeman graphite furnace AA (GFAA) system is efficient and accurate. It provides excellent graphite furnace performance and precise background correction technology.
Agilent AA Duo makes your work more efficient. It is the only atomic absorption spectrometer in the world that can analyze flame and graphite furnace at the same time. It does not need to convert delay and save your precious time.
Agilent will continue to focus on the research and development of a full range of atomic spectrum products. We wholeheartedly provide you with innovative technology, first-class quality and reliable performance, and unmatched technical support.
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