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Specializing in the production of UV, visible spectrophotometer and laboratory instruments, it is a collection of scientific research, development and sales.


It is a professional analytical chemistry experiment for food safety, environmental detection, disease control and material analysis.

Electric physics

With a long history of R & D and manufacture of physical optics, it is the largest manufacturing base for Physical Optics Instruments in China.

Electric Science

The first analytical instrument enterprise is currently the largest high-tech enterprise in China.


It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the design, development, manufacture and service of analytical instruments.

Ningbo Xin Zhi.

It is the largest production base of ultrasonic cell pulverizer in China, and is in the leading position of the world.

Anting Science

Centrifuges produce an annual capacity of 30000 centrifuges, occupying about 40% of the domestic market.

Beijing sea light

It is a modern central enterprise with nearly forty years of R & D and manufacturing history of spectral analysis instruments.

Shanghai Jinghai sea

Specializing in the production of various series of electronic balances, mechanical balances, moisture meters, viscometer and cryogenic thermostat and other products.

Shanghai's elite

It is a professional development, manufacture and manufacture of various ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer in China.

Hunan Hunan Instrument

It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of centrifuges and laboratory instruments for more than 40 years.

Beijing 61

It is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the production of biochemical and molecular biological analytical instruments.


Specializing in research and development of scientific instruments, research and design of environmental equipment.

Shanghai Shen An

The two series of stainless steel pressure steam sterilizers and stainless steel distillery are...

Science of heaven and beauty

Our aim is to create the traditional leading technology of Swiss Precisa with the help of Shanghai elite balance.


The main products of our company are vacuum pumps for laboratory and industrial applications, including vacuum piston pumps, vacuum diaphragm pumps, etc.

Shanghai Yi Mai

In the near future, we are committed to two categories of products: optical and electrochemical products. Products under the flag, unique innovation in technology...

One constant

Mainly engaged in research and development of experimental instruments, environmental testing equipment, design, manufacture and sales.

Yue Feng

Yuefeng series products (whiteness meter, turbidimeter and biochemical incubator series) are widely used and easy to operate.


It integrates research, development, manufacturing and sales, and has independent research institutes and laboratories.

Anting Electronics

It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of analytical instruments. The product has an automatic stop stop titre and moisture meter.


It mainly develops and produces petroleum products analytical instruments, road testing instruments, laboratory instruments and geological instruments.

Zhongke Zhongjia

He is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sale of scientific experimental instruments such as nuclear medicine instruments and centrifuges.


The company specializes in developing and producing scientific research and medical preservation boxes.

Yongxin in the south of the Yangtze River

It is a large, specialized producer and distributor of microscope and photoelectric instrument, and has over seventy years of experience in optical instrument development.

Branch guide

It is one of the two series of ultrasonic cleaners mainly engaged in its own brand "KUDOS" and "ishine".


It is the only enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in China. Have R & D...

The Great Wall

Vacuum series and refrigeration constant temperature series are our trademark products. They have been leading the development of the industry for a long time.

Sea energy

Devoted to the research of food and drug safety, nutrition, scientific analysis instruments and analysis methods.


It is a wholly owned company in MEDILAB, Canada. It is committed to developing, producing and operating various analytical instruments.

Its Linbel

The main company specializing in the production of laboratory instruments enjoys a high reputation in the field of domestic research.

Bo medicine Kang

It is one of the global manufacturers that provide a complete vacuum refrigeration solution. The company has a number of freeze-drying experts...

Essence Garden

Has been engaged in gas chromatograph matching gas source products and nitrogen blows instrument development, production, marketing......

Hangzhou instrument

It is a professional enterprise producing many kinds of instrument motors and micro motors. It has a long history and has a strong technical force...

Chongqing eternal life

It is the manufacturer and supplier of temperature and humidity control instruments and drug testing solutions in the life science field. Immortalized instrument..

Four rings

It specializes in research, development, manufacturing and technical services of medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other experimental instruments and equipment.

Ya Rong

It is a large scale factory specializing in the manufacture of instruments, and has a registered trademark of "Ya Rong" and "golden leaf".

East Asia of Leshan

It is specialized in producing various liquid nitrogen containers in China in the tide of national economic restructuring.

Carbon in snow

As a professional manufacturer of laboratory thermostat, we are committed to solving all kinds of laboratory thermostat solutions, except for general purpose products.

Shanghai sperm [SHANGPING]

It is a professional company that produces and operates biochemical instruments and various laboratory instruments. Especially the low pressure liquid produced by our company...

Shanghai kchuang chromatography

Shanghai Univer (formerly Shanghai University of science and Technology) was founded in 1992 by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Su Chi

It is a high-tech entity company integrating science, engineering and trade. The company will further improve and optimize the cradle.