Laboratory routine instrument

Adiabatic Reaction Calorimeter TAC-500AE

As an adiabatic reaction calorimeter, TAC-500AE with low cost is easy to operate and it can produce accurate test results and support all main calorimetric modes. Responsive, sensitive and accurate adiabatic tracking performance ensures true and complete thermal and pressure change data and accurate key indicators of thermal safety such as TD24, TMRad, and SADT.  

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Rapid Screening Calorimeter RSC-400AE

As a professional screening calorimeter, RSC-400AE can rapidly assess therisk ofthemal hazard, and it with low cost is multifunctional, flexible and easy to use. And it can support multiple temperature scanning modes and attain the data of salorimetrx, pressure, and gas production and relief. Application field: the instrument can be usedin the fields of fine chemicals, phamaceuticals, scientific research, and applied for rapid scanning of chemical themal stability, chemical reaction hazard screening and themodynamics research, etc.

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Explosion Range Tester HWP21-30SE

Explosion Range Tester HWP21-30SE dedicated to testing and evaluating the combustion hazard of gases and flammable vapors, is applicable to measuring the upper flammability limit (UFL) and lower flammability limit (LFL) of gases, vapors or a combustible mixture of vapor and air at standard atmosphere pressure and a set temperature, and the test result can be used as an important reference factor for fire risk assessment. Application Field: chemical industry, pharmaceutical, pesticide, new energy, and scientific research.

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Microscale Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Apparatus FP CC-400AE

FP CC-400AE is a microscale continuously closed cup flash point apparatus for liquids and solids, using the method of microscale continuously closed cup. Only 1-2mL of test sample are required, combining with the method of continuously closed cup and automatic ignition by arc and using Peltier temperature control technology which ensures that the test process is safe and effective. And high-precision temperature and pressure sensors ensure the measurement accuracy of flash points. The instrument is widely applied in petrochemical industry, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, new energy and other relevant fields for risk assessment of flashover. Application Field: closed flash points of petroleum products, transformer oil, steam turbine oil, coatings, spices, oil-based wood preservative, aromatic oil, animal and vegetable oil, pesticide emulsifiers, high-viscosity materials, plasticizers and other substances.

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Microscale Vapor Pressure Determination Instrument VP TE-1000AE

VP TE-1000AE is a highly versatile portable vapor pressure tester, developed by the three-stage expansion method. It has the outstanding advantages of measurement accuracy, nice repeatability and high automation degree. This instrument can accurately measure the vapor pressure generated in a vacuum by gasoline, jet fuel, hydrocarbon solvents, light petroleum distillates and products, chemical reagents and other substance. Application Field: petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, new energy, etc.

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