Talent Strategy

Competitive remuneration

The company has a sound remuneration system, to provide employees with competitive salaries and benefits, challenging jobs as well as a broad platform for development and the space for promotion.

Through internal performance assessments, employees' performances are closely linked with their salaries, which ensure that excellent employees can get more recognition and incentives.


A sound social security system


The company has a sound social security system. In strict accordance with state regulations, the company pays the five social insurances (pension / injury / medical / unemployment / maternity insurance) for each employee;

The company will also offer some of the staff the housing fund;

The company purchases an extra commercial insurance for each employee.








Superior benefits for employee

The company provides meals for each employee;

The company sends birthday congratulations and cakes to employees monthly;

The company will offer physical or monetary benefits to each employee on festivals;

The company organizes free medical examinations for employees once a year, so that you can know well your body conditions;

Other benefits: summer soft drink fees; Women's Day funds; Youth Day funds; One Child incentive fees;

The company will provide free sports spaces and organizes all kinds of friendly competitions from time to time.

People-centered working hours and personal leave

Five working days a week, eight hours per working day on average. The company does not encourage working overtime. We hope that every employee can maintain life work balance.

Each employee can also enjoy marriage leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding leave, nursing leave, family leave, bereavement leave and other leaves;

In addition, the company also organizes paid free travel for employees annually.


Systematic training


The company attaches great importance to the training of personnel, regularly offers numerous training and learning opportunities to help employees to achieve continuous growth, so that they can make progresses in the depth and breadth of knowledge, professional skills, personal qualities and leading capacity;

The company provides various professional skills training and product training for new employees, to help them to quickly integrate themselves into the company’s environment and become competent at their jobs;